Chapter 1: Why Cool Globes?

Students will understand the meaning of the term “Cool Globes” and begin to question why the Globe needs cooling.

LESSON: Create your own paper Mache globe

ACTIVITY: Option #1: View online images “virtual tour” of 5′ Cool Globes

PROMPT: Begin creating Global Expressions Journal

Chapter 2: Our Globe: Cool or Hot?

Students will be able to define climate and climate change while becoming aware that the Earth has an optimal temperature range which needs to be maintained.

LESSON: Climate vs. Weather (PDF)

ACTIVITY: 1) CO2 & temperature graph/chart/picture interpretation.

2) Critical reading exercise

3) “An Inconvenient Truth” viewing (first half)

PROMPT: Paste their own global warming article into Expressions. Practice “expository” writing possibly in a lab report format to present the information they have after completing the Lesson and Activity. This is good practice for science fair.

Chapter 3: What impacts the Earth’s temperature?

Students will identify the major causes of global warming, sources of carbon dioxide and energy using:

*How does our Globe naturally “heat up?”
Students will articulate the difference between the greenhouse effect and global warming.

LESSON: Greenhouse lesson (PDF)

ACTIVITY: 1) Carbon cycle dice game: pre-1700 and post 1700.

2) Define greenhouse effect and global warming

PROMPT: Create a comparison T-chart describing the dice game experience. See example below:

Pre 1700
Students are stuck in fossil fuels station
Post 1700
Students are released from fossil fuels into the atmosphere because of the industrial revolution and the burning the fuel for energy.

*How do we artificially “heat up” the Globe?
Students will evaluate human production of excess carbon dioxide and how it is warming the Earth.

LESSON: Fuel efficiency – What will you drive? (PDF)

ACTIVITY: Carbon survey: Calculating carbon dioxide emissions (PDF)

PROMPT: Draw your ideal “green” car and create its window sticker describing its specifications.

Chapter 4: What reduces Earth’s temperature?

Students will demonstrate awareness that there are ways to slow global warming.

*How can our Globe be cooled?
Students will identify ways the local community uses “cooler,” green technology.

LESSON: Global Challege

ACTIVITY: 1) Field trip to the Chicago Center for Green Technology

2) Use news headlines or reports on positive happenings in this region, “Chicago becoming the greenest city” – Mayor and Dept. of Environment.

PROMPT: Journal entry about greening projects in my city, school, home. Be Proactive not Reactive.

*How can I be “cool”? Students will participate in letter writing that promotes social and environmental responsibility.

LESSON: Proactive planting to “green” the classroom & the planet.

ACTIVITY: Revisit survey & pledge

PROMPT: Letter writing campaign to parents, principals, or local, state and federal leaders to practice “persuasive” writing.

Chapter 5: What would I do for my globe if I was a hero saving the Earth from global warming?

Students will create a vision for saving the planet.

LESSON: Fiction writing evaluation

ACTIVITY: Building imagination / innovation

PROMPT: Write your own fiction story where you are the hero of the climate crisis!